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Located in the city center, 10 km from Libreville Airport, inspired by Morocco and enhanced by the atmosphere of the seaside, the Royal Palm offers a refined and intimate atmosphere.


Ideally located near the airport and the residential area of the sandpit, 10 minutes from the city center, the residence NOMAD offers spacious suites / apartments (2 rooms) fully equipped.


Located in Gabon in the center of Libreville on the shores of the Komo Estuary, Re-Ndama overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover, the hotel is ideally located to discover the most popular tourist sites of Libreville, such as the Arts and Culture Museum, the beaches of Pointe Denis, the craft market, the Palace Presidential and the Saint-Michel church with remarkable architecture.


The hospital built by Albert Schweitzer has been preserved and has become the historic area. The part that was renovated in 2005 corresponds to the condition that the old hospital had in 1965, after the death of Albert Schweitzer. The setting is sober but friendly or reigns a calm conducive to rest and meditation.


Located on the edge of the Lopé National Park, LOPE HOTEL is remarkably positioned facing Mount Brazza and the Ogooué River. LOPE HOTEL remains the largest hotel of the LOPE. The staff is welcoming and the setting is friendly.


The Kongou camp, located 3 hours away from Makokou city, very rustic and very basic, is located near Kongou Falls, ideal place for the change of scenery and a meeting with nature in a sense of being with oneself .


The SEEG city is located in the heart of the National Park of the crystal mountains. Ideal place for the change of scenery and a meeting with nature.


In the community forest of the village of Doussala, located in the province of Nyanga, the NGO PROGRAM works with local populations to secure a forest of 4 km² sheltering several families of gorillas.